• person sword
    sympas du 69
  • person rjpmvbxevord
    Hello. And Bye.
  • person dj djaocks
    hello excellent merci dj back to the old school
  • person plc
    hello du cote de nice pierre luc
  • person plc
  • person Très bon
    Radio Merci
  • person Maguy
    Coucou Belle soirée????
  • person Jean
  • person rardtiele
    i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor
  • person P
    Can we hear the new Jessie Wagner and Van Den Wolfe joint?
  • person England P
    Top music...top station
  • person English P
    Top class....
  • person beni
    Funk you very much
  • person Cheyenne
    Bsr à tous !
  • person johndebruin
    Good station!!
  • person Laurine78945
    coucou bonjour comment allez vous
  • person itaGet
    Ciao a tutti vengo dall'italia
  • person zoubida
    bonsoir hass <3 !!!!!!!!
  • person pat
    bonsoir a tous
  • person beni
    funk you all

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MF Robots - Come On With The Good Thing